Vietnam to boost exports to the South African market

Update: 7/29/2014

On 25-7, in the city of Johannesburg, Embassy of Vietnam in South Africa in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a seminar in Johannesburg trade promotion Vietnam-South Africa. 
South Africa 
Views of trade promotion seminar Vietnam-South Africa. (Photo: Minh Duc / Vietnam +​​) 
Numerous businesses and importers of South Africa; 18 enterprises from Vietnam and a number of enterprises operating in Vietnam South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana and Swaziland ... 
Opening speech events, Vietnam Ambassador in South Africa, Le Huy Hoang emphasize traditional friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and South Africa, in which the two countries have always supported each other in the struggle for freedom and national independence of each country before, as well as in the construction of the country today. The Ambassador said that the two countries are facing enormous opportunities to deepen cooperation in many aspects, especially in the economic field and trade. 
In recent years, trade between the two countries has experienced rapid growth, reaching more than $ 1 billion last year, an increase of 20 times compared to 54 million in 2002. Ambassador hopes workshops this will create new momentum for efforts to promote bilateral cooperation in the economic field and trade. 
For his part, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Johannesburg, Mrs. Fay Mukaddam confirmed the agency will do its best to promote investment and trade between the two countries, thus contributing to consolidating and strengthening partnerships that good. 
Department of Trade Promotion Department of Trade and Industry South Africa South African Zanele Mkhize said Vietnam is considered an important market and South African Government will create favorable conditions for businesses from both countries can work together effectively. 
Presentation on Vietnam trade relations South Africa, Department for African Markets and Southwest Asia, under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Tran Quang Huy said Africa is a strong emerging market potential for the products of Vietnam. In the future, apart from the traditional commodities such as agricultural products, fisheries, textiles, footwear, Vietnam will boost export mobile phones, computers, electronic components to South Africa. Meanwhile, South Africa can provide Vietnam commodities such as minerals, timber, cotton ... 
Ambassador Le Huy Hoang Tran Quang Huy and answered many of the questions related to corporate market size, pricing, tariffs, preferential policies for import and export, payment procedures, as well as the risk risks and challenges that may arise. After the workshop, the two countries exchanged views on issues more specific to forward contracting. 
Commercial Counsellor in South Africa Vietnam Nguyen Hong Tien said following the success of businesses in Vietnam International Trade Fair 2014 Saitex was held recently in South Africa, this conference is an opportunity addition to the exposure their businesses, introducing potential, their strengths, and learn more about the procedures necessary to implement cooperation in the future. 
According to Tien, the interest of the partners of South Africa at the conference showed that many items of Vietnam can penetrate into the market is fiercely competitive. /. 
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