Import Export growth continues

Update: 6/8/2014

(Online HQ) - 7 months of the year exports increased by 14.1% largely due to the growth of FDI. As a result, the trade surplus country 7 months is estimated at $ 1.26 billion. 
7 months exports estimated at 83.5 billion dollars. Photo: Attractions. 
According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, exports in July was estimated at $ 12.4 billion, up 0.2% compared to June and up 7.7% compared to July 2013, bringing the total export turnover of the first 7 months in 2014 to 83.5 billion dollars, up 14.1% compared to the same period in 2013 (equivalent to USD 10.3 billion). 
In July, the import turnover was estimated at $ 12.7 billion, up 1.8% from the previous month. Accumulation of 7 months, the import turnover was estimated at 82.2 billion dollars, up 11.4% compared to the same period last year. In particular, the domestic economic sector imported 36.2 billion, up 13%; area of foreign investment reached $ 46 billion, an increase of 10.3% over the same period last year. 
The Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang assessment, import and export through the time to maintain good though the situation difficult market price, the market is more volatile as Ukrainian politics, Middle East, North Africa ... due to the high export growth, while continuing to work effectively import, ensure raw materials needs to 7 months was $ 1.26 billion trade surplus, equivalent to 1.5% of total exports. 
This trend can be completed and exceeded export growth, import controls and trade restrictions as Congress assigned goals early 2014. 
Export target for 2014 is 146 billion dollars, up 10.6% compared to 2013 and achieved a trade surplus of $ 500 million. 
To accomplish this goal, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is to accelerate the negotiation of free trade agreements (FTA) in order to take advantage of preferential tariffs and export promotion; promote advocacy in the fight, to cope with the restrictions, trade barriers between the partner countries to export goods of Vietnam; continued trade promotion, market seek to diversify foreign markets for local products. 
Phan Thu
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