100% broken rice

Update: 7/31/2015

Broken Rice contains more grain fragments within the grain. The length of rice does not exceed three quarters of the average length of the whole grain. This type of rice is a lower quality of rice and usually used for baby formulas, rice cereals ; pre-package or can goods or animal feeds as well.

Style: dried rice
Moisture  : 14% max
Foreign matter : 0.5% Max
Broken  : 100%
Chalky kernels : 9% max
Damaged kernels : 1.5% max
Yellow kernels : 1% max
Paddy grains : 20 grains / kg
Milling degree : well milled and double polished
Average length of grain : 5mm
Average Breadth of Grain : 3mm
Packing : as buyer's request


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