Update: 11/17/2016

It is the most important traditional fruit of Vietnam, both in terms of historical and economic significance.
Banana is a valuable food for people at all ages. Flowers and stem of young banana trees are also good vegetables.
Old banana stems are used as animal feed. Banana leaves are used to wrap cakes.
Banana seeds are an effective remedy for kidney stones and diabetes ...
Unripe banana contains 10% starch and 6.53% tannin. Ripe banana contains a lot of nutrients.

Fruiting Season: Bananas produce fruits all year round.

Style: fresh fruit
Length : 15 cm up
Diameter : 3 - 4cm
Packing : 13.5kgs/carton
    1540 cartons per cont 40’ RF
     or as buyer's request

Style: frozen fruit
Shape : block or whole
Standard : long 20cm (+2)(-2), width 2.5cm up
No preservative  
Food additives : white
Packing : bulk, vacuum pack

Style: soft dried fruit
Shape   : whole
Taste     : very sweet
Moisture : 22% max
Shelf life : 24 months
Packing : gift/vacuum pack  

Style: dried fruit

Ingredient : 100% fresh natural fruit + vegetable oil
Color : natural yellow
Taste : sweet
Moisture   : 6% max
Sodium     : 2%
Cholesterol : 0%
Total fat : 27%
Total carbohydrate : 22%
Packing : bulk, vacuum pack

Style: frozen leaves
Colour : green
Width : 30 cm
Appearance : seamless, no torn, 100% natural 
Handle antispectic carefuly 
Storage: keep at 5-6 celsius degree 
Packing:500 gr/ bag   as buyer's request


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