Coconut oil

Update: 3/17/2017
Updated: 21/02/2017
If you have never used coconut oil in your life, you need to know something about this oil. Nutrition experts praise coconut oil and believers of the faithful believe in coconut oil and, most importantly, coconut oil is completely natural.
Say goodbye to all the expensive beauty products filled in the bathroom ... coconut oil will be the answer to everything. Here are some of the great benefits of coconut oil:
1. Coconut oil helps your hair become shiny: Apply coconut oil to your hair before shampooing and massage your hair gently from root to tip and leave for about 40 minutes then wash your hair back to normal.
2. Coconut oil is used as a make-up remover: Coconut oil not only completely cleanses the make-up but is also good for the skin around the eyes.
3. Coconut oil is used as a product to remove dirt and cleanse the body.
Coconut oil has moisturizing properties: Coconut oil is used to keep warm as well as lip balm, and other parts of the body. You can mix coconut oil with essential oils to create a pleasant smell. Coconut oil contains high levels of vitamin E, which is essential for skin health. Therefore, some say coconut oil also has anti-aging properties.
5. Coconut oil is used as a deodorant: Coconut oil is rich in antimicrobial properties, so you can use coconut oil as your own deodorant if you do not want to use the product. Deodorizers contain many chemicals that are sold outside the shop.
Coconut oil helps your nails to become stiffer and soothes the hands. Coconut oil is great for increasing the firmness of your nails over time to prevent breakage of the nails and also soften the skin. Your hand more.
Coconut oil can be used as a cleanser: although your face looks greasy when you apply coconut oil, after using it, use a clean cloth to wipe your face. Immediately, you will feel your face really clean.
8. Coconut oil has the effect of whitening: the mouthwash with coconut oil disability is very necessary and quite effective because coconut oil actually helps clean the mouth and whiten teeth, repel harmful bacteria to the teeth. However, it takes about 20 minutes to put coconut oil in your mouth, but it is very effective. And let's start making beauty from within ...
Coconut oil is used to replace other cooking oils: coconut oil is a nutrient-rich superfood and 'healthy fats'. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid which helps kill bacteria and is different from olive oil because the essence of coconut oil is not lost when heated. Try using coconut oil when making salad dressing or other desserts that are good for your body.
Source: APCC 3/2017

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