Update: 4/17/2017


Black garlic won the hearts of many people as a functional food  that has huge health benefits and can decrease risks of lifestyle-related diseases.

What is black garlic?    

Black garlic (or aged garlic) involves “fermenting” whole garlic bulbs at a high temperature and humidity over several days or weeks. This process results in the cloves turning black and developing a sweeter taste and a soft, jelly-like texture. It also loses the strong flavour typical of fresh garlic, which some people may find preferable.

Are There Any Black Garlic Benefits?

It has at least twice as many antioxidants than white garlic, which helps prevent alzheimer’s, circulatory problems, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic diseases.

Black garlic also has the following benefits:

+ antibacterial

+ anti-tumor

+ anti-carcinogenic

+ lowers high blood pressure

+ lowers cholesterol

+ prevents obesity

+ fights diabetes

+ regenerates skin cells

+ strengthens the immune system

+ reduces allergies

Black garlic contains the following crucial nutrients:

+ Protein: 12g

+ Vitamin B2: 10.726 mg

+ Vitamin B6: 14.48mg

+ S-Allycysteine: 5.53 mg

+ Polyphenol: 1001 mg

+ SOD Enzine: 790 mg



Made of organic garlic

Fermented according to Japan’s technology

Color: black

Natural, healthy and green food
No strong garlic odor

Packing: 0.25; 0.5; 1kgs in PE/PP or customer’s requirement.

 Source: wikipedia and livestrong article

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