Shrimp in Vietnam

Update: 9/16/2017


Shrimp is very good seafood and is popular with consumers, fresh shrimp are caught from the sea.

Size 1: 8-12 heads / Kg for large and rare type

Size 2: 15-20 children / kg for medium type

In the shrimp body contains many important nutrients, nutritionists have quantified: in 100g of fresh shrimp (calculated intake) will give 82kcal, 79.2g of water, 17.9g of protein, 0.9g 1.4g ash fiber, 79mg calcium, 184mg phosphorus, 1.6mg iron, 20mg vitamin A, 0.04mg vitamin B1, 0.08mg vitamin B2, 2.3mg vitamin PP, Provide the body with the nutrients necessary for the body to grow and develop well.

The dishes processed from the shrimp are the clever combination of fresh shrimp meat, rich in nutrients and rich spices, bring deliciousness and appeal to the enjoyment.

Many people think that shrimp should be avoided because they are high in cholesterol. However, shrimp is rich in nutrients and low in fat. Therefore, you do not have to abstain from shrimp completely but just consume them at moderate level. And to avoid raising cholesterol levels in shrimp, you should process them by steaming, boiling or baking.


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