Onions remove the scar and beauty skin

Update: 12/1/2018


Normally, when the skin is damaged, excess collagen fibers can form, causing an abnormal layer of tissue that leads to scarring. If you take advantage of the onion extracts you can completely reduce the appearance. Also onions also have the effect of acne, beautifying skin effectively.

Main effects of onion
Antibiotics: Daily extracted onions for treating a scar help reduce inflammation and discoloration. This is especially beneficial for the treatment of acne scars on the face and results in better results when the area is scarred by inflammation.

Prevent collagen production: As mentioned above, when a scar is formed for the first time, excess of collagen fibers can be arranged indiscriminately into the scar area, resulting in a scar forming in on the skin and people feel stiff on that scar. Onions will help to inhibit collagen production, which can lead to less scars, making acne scars appear negligible on the face and improving the appearance of keloids.

How to make cream onion

Nowadays, there are many creams available on the market that help to reduce the risk of acne scars. However, to be safe, you can completely self-made products from nature to help care acne scar skin.

Preparation: First chop an onion, soak in a bottle of olive oil for about three weeks. Then filter out the residue, you have the product onion oil is very safe.

How to do it: mix 30g olive oil and onion, 30g rose essential oil, 30g beeswax. Heat the mixture in a microwave oven until the beeswax melts, remove and mix with two teaspoons of aloe vera gel, mix four more vitamin E capsules. Stir well and put in a wide jar of mouth. use gradually.

How to use: Use cotton absorbent solution to apply on the face regularly once a day will help reduce acne scars. If the olive oil helps to moisturize the skin, the onion helps to smooth the scars. In addition, aloe vera gel is also proven to speed wound healing.

There is also another little trick for you who do not have time to treat scars. There is no need to mix, you just need to remove the onions and squeeze the water on the skin after the scar was clean skin. Or simply cut the onion into thin slices and rub it gently onto the skin to heal the scar.

It can be said that onion is an effective skin beauty ingredient, especially anti-inflammatory in damaged skin, help skin, improve the type of keloids, scars to create new skin, beautiful, bright More than that.


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