Bring agriculture and fisheries from Vietnam into the EFTA countries

Update: 5/11/2018

Today 3/10 , in HCM Group negotiated a Free Trade Agreement between the EFTA was blocks VN and seminar " Introduction System Plant Health Inspection Service ( SPS ) in the EFTA countries " .
In addition to the general provisions of the SPS system block EFTA , experts have introduced specific procedures to be able to export to EFTA countries by commodity groups including animals ( meat and seafood ) , plants ( cereals and vegetables ) , food processing , pharmaceuticals and the opportunity to exploit this market .
According to Tran Trung Thuc - chief negotiator , to open markets for goods , besides negotiating reductions and elimination of tariffs , SPS has negotiated very important role in creating conditions for agricultural products VN seafood production and exports could more strongly to the EFTA markets in particular countries ( including Switzerland , Norway , Ireland, Iceland , Lich -ten- Einstein ) and the European countries in general .
The workshop also consult businesses , associations and institutions related to the construction plans for negotiations on cooperation in the field of mass SPS with EFTA .
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