With EFTA , Vietnam Export to EU will be easier

Update: 6/11/2018

On 1-10 , the Ministry of Industry and Trade held a seminar to introduce SPS system in the EFTA countries ( Free Trade Block of 4 European countries Norway , Switzerland , Iceland , Liechtenstein ) .
According to Tran Trung Thuc , Director - Chief negotiator of free trade agreement ( FTA ) between Vietnam and EFTA Bloc , Vietnam and Restore EFTA FTA being negotiated , including negotiations on quarantine of plants ( SPS ) plays a very important role in creating conditions for agricultural products and seafood Vietnam could export stronger market to EFTA member countries .
Actually he said , the SPS system blocks almost EFTA applies to most of the SPS system with EU countries . Thus , for agricultural exports , the EFTA seafood to Vietnam enterprises must also meet the requirements of EU SPS . This also means that if goods originate and fauna of Vietnam 's exports to the EFTA circulation in the EU and vice versa .
However, the EFTA apply EU rules so as to export agricultural products to the EFTA countries , the agreement must be the member countries of the EU hygiene requirements for food items that .
" This is an additional requirement , as well as target groups are negotiations with the EFTA agreement to exceptions by items not can also switch between the member countries of EFTA and the EU . Within the EU is a customs union can be rotated items , but there are still tax items , can not move from EFTA to the EU , "he told Food .
Agree with the point of view , she Thonmas Tison , EFTA experts said the SPS system is the highest level of harmonization between EFTA and the EU . Many EU countries have been accepted as full capacity , day Vietnam has licensed the product that is being put goods into the SPS certification EFTA , EFTA countries are not allowed to stop .
The approval will be responsible by the EU and to set foot in this market , commodity inspection only at a single point is then circulated freely . However, EU 20 % will check if the shipment is special commodity . If only 1 shipment rejected due to the risk of health hazards to consumers , the next batch will be checked more closely and carefully . After inspection , if the safety of goods continue to be circulated .
FTA with EFTA currently has over 5 blocks negotiating session , is expected to free trade agreements thorough , consistent with WTO rules and benefits for both parties . EFTA is a link but there is no greater economic dynamism , especially in this volume , there are some potential market for Vietnam 's exports such as Norway , Switzerland .
Source: - Phan Thu
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