The effect of lemons and seedless lemon origin

Update: 9/30/2019
The effect of lemons and seedless lemon origin
1. Use of lemon: Lemon trees have long been one of the indispensable plants in the garden of every family. Lemons have many uses from leaves, stems, flowers, fruits and roots, all of which are folk remedies. Above all, fresh lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C.
According to research by the Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, 100 grams of lemon meat contains the following ingredients: 90% water, 0.8gr protein, 0.5gr fat, 8.2g carbohydrate, 0.6gr fiber, Ash 5.4gr, calcium 33mg, phosphor15mg, iron 0.5mg, sodium 3mg, potassium 137mg, vitamin A 12mg, thiamin (B1) 0.5mg, riboflavin (B2) 0.02mg, niacin 0.1mg and vitamin C 52mg.
2. Origin of seedless lime
Persian Lime: grows well in Vietnamese conditions, the flowers are in clusters, the petals are white, the fruits are slightly long and have a knob on the bottom of the fruit, which is sour and aromatic. In 1999, during a trip to the United States to visit his relatives, Mr. Le Van Xe was offered a soft drink made from seedless lemon pulp by a family member in California. “Looking at big, juicy, juicy lemon inside, he didn't immediately think about bringing this lemon variety to his home country, because in Vietnam the climate is hot all year round, the need to use lemon great soft drink ”- he recalls. But how to bring the breed. It took more than 08 months to complete the procedures, and finally 100 seedless lemon trees were also brought to Vietnam as gifts.
Bring back the lemon paper, he began to domesticate to suit the soil climate of Vietnam. 100 paper lemon trees brought back alive and grow well. The biggest advantage of seedless lime is its very strong disease resistance, especially without citrus greening infection like other citrus crops. The process of taking care of soc is not difficult either. Planting distance is from 3-3.5m / tree, watering 2 times a day and about 20 days fertilizing 200kg of NPK-DAP / ha.
Lime-seedless lemongrass, little spines have trunks and fruits similar to traditional Vietnamese lemons, when branches are mature, the spikes are degraded, the tree produces wrong fruits, a bunch of 7-8 fruits. Average yield from 150-200kg / tree / year, big round fruits, greenish-white rice, seedless, thin skin, lots of water, sour, fragrant.
The trial showed that seedless limes grown within 20 months were to bear fruit, but the first crop should leave only half of the fruit, and the half of the fruit to be removed to ensure long-term strength. Especially, this lemon produces fruits all year round. From the 3rd to the 4th year, the trees begin to bear fruit and the yield reaches 70-100kg / tree / year. Lime has 6 to 7 fruits / kg, thin skin, bright green color, lots of water and has a sour, aromatic flavor.
Seedless lemons will be harvested over 10 years to degrade. The price of this lemon in the South ranges from 8,000 - 10,000 VND / kg in the rainy season. But can be more than 30,000 VND / kg in the dry season.
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