The export news of fruits and vegetables in Vietnam (2017)

Update: 2/12/2019

The export news of fruits and vegetables in Vietnam (2017)

According to statistics of the General Department of Customs, the output of vegetables and fruits of Vietnam to the markets in 2017 reached $ 233.5 million, down 7.9% compared with December 2016 but it raise 17% compared with 1/2016. Forecast vegetables in 2017 will reach more than $ 3 billion.

Vietnam's vegetable and fruit products have been exported for about 22 markets, with 74.6% of Vietnam's total exports of vegetables to China, with 174.2 million dollars.

Standing behind the Chinese market are markets such as the US market: $ 8.2 million, up 5.2% compare with January 2016; Japan reached over 6 million, up 28.5%; Thailand 5.7 million, up 7.5%; South Korea $ 5.6 million, down 2.4%: Malaysia $ 4.5 million, up 51.9% ...

In order to export to these markets, the quality of vegetables and fruits must meet very stringent pest control conditions. For example, in 2016, units under the Plant Protection Department (MARD) quarantined more than 10,500 tones of fresh fruits exported to hard-to-reach markets, almost doubling that in 2015. The fruit quality of Vietnam is increasingly improved, accepted by consumers in developed countries.

Currently, many importers in these countries continue to seek Vietnam to connect with local vegetable suppliers, such as Meika Shoji Group (Japan) seeking Vietnamese banana exporters. Large quantity for consumption in Japan - Japan market consumes about 1 million tons of bananas per year. If Vietnamese enterprises have a supply of bananas that meet Japan's import standards, there is a big chance that this market is diversifying their supply.

Vietnamese fruits and vegetables being evaluated still have many opportunities to expand their export markets in the coming years, which will further motivate businesses to invest in production, processing agricultural products.


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