Creating Opportunities: Changing Life from Coconut

Update: 1/16/2020
Feed the family from the broom trade
At the production facility of her sister coconut in Luong Tho 2, Hoai Phu (Hoai Nhon), working atmosphere is always hustle and rhythm. The sisters are hard-working, cleverly bundle the coconut into a broom quickly. Nguyen Thi Tuong (62 years old), who has been doing brooms for over 10 years, said: "Over a dozen years ago, my husband and I had only 3 sao of rice, so we had to rent more rice fields. Not enough for 4 children. Life is very difficult, I learn the broom at the acquaintance in the neighborhood with the desire to earn more income to buy fish, fish meat for the children, which is expected to be the main source of income so far stick. .
According to Tuong, in the beginning, she only made about 20-30 brooms a day, but now there are over a hundred trees. From the lack of food, clothes, Tuong's family has spacious houses, daughters and daughter in law not only by the job but also open production facilities coconut brooms, get rich legitimate.
Ms. Ty said that only her own factory sells 2,000 brooms a day, about 30 sisters work. This leisurely time job helped Ty and many other sisters to create a home-like place and to sustain their families in a sustainable way. It can be said that the women in Hoai Phu changed their life, changed their position in the family from the coconut.
How much to consume?
Coconut brooms in Hoai Nhon make mainly for the central market, most in Da Nang, Quang Nam, and also sold to customers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City with wholesale prices from 6000 - VND 7,000 / tree. Currently, Hoai Phu commune has 3 large establishments, selling about 2,000-5,000 broom / day / establishment.
Ty's base provides three main types of products: special brushes (pre-ordered), thick and fine brushes, brushes and small brushes for sweeping the kitchen. The new point of the establishments is that instead of buying coconuts from Ben Tre and Ca Mau for redistribution to households, raw materials are transported by trucks in the commune.
Tam Ngoc
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