Update: 2/29/2020
Dry squid or dried squid is a typical dish of Vietnamese cuisine made from squid materials by drying or sun drying. After catching the fresh squid, the squirrel will cut the squid to flush out, remove all organs, cuttlefish ... leaving only the body and head and then drying or sun drying until When the squid becomes dry and hard.
Dried squid may be in whole or split into small pieces. Dried squid is particularly popular, kept long, processed into many delicious dishes and specialties in some areas, especially the sea and tourists brought back as a gift, especially a sunny one ( ). Dried squid is suitable for occasional beers, especially dried squid and used with beer.
The detail information of product
Scientific name: Cephalopoda Size: S; 2S; 3SM; L; M-L; S-L
Certificate: HACCP, FDA Color: Natural white
Packing: Carton / Container How to prepare: Dry
Shelf life: 24 months Processing: AD
Additive: None Storage: <-18oC
Place of production: Vietnam Humidity: 20 - 25%
Brand Name: C.D LTD Nutrition Facts: Low-Fat, Low-Salt, Vitamins, Nature
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