How to make mango rolls Nha Trang

Update: 8/31/2020

- Mango.

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Mango to make mango cake is carefully selected, must be sandy mango is grown in Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa, natural ripening. The mango is hand-peeled, not cut with a knife to remove the peel and do not cover the mango. Mango is peeled after mango juice.

Mash the mango juice, add a little sugar and let it evenly so that the mango juice does not burn. Continue until the mango juice in the boiling water and condense into a paste solution.

Drying stage:
Mango juice is cooked with a nylon plastic pad and then dried over with a moisturizer. After that, bring to the sun drying for about 2 days until touching hands do not stick to the new Nha Trang tourist requirements on the summer.

Thanks to the natural acidity of mango sand and processed according to the traditional method (sun drying), Nha Trang mango bread has a sweet, sour and very natural aroma. Especially, mango wrap is preserved for a long time under normal conditions.

How to know mango rice cakes standard and delicious:
- Mango cake is yellowish cockroach, not too dark black or bright yellow

- Soft cakes, tough, easy to shred Nha Trang 4 days from Hanoi

- Sweet and sour cakes of mango, not sharp of many sugar

- The surface of delicious mango cake is smooth, slightly smooth but not too smooth. If it is too smooth, it shows that the cake is mixed with flour during processing

- Mango, deliciously cooked, properly preserved for more than 7 months. Uncleaned cakes will be crystallized of sugar or susceptible to termite damage

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