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Update: 9/9/2020
Blue squirrel or pumpkin is scientific name is Benincasa hispida or Cucrubita hispida, a botanical family in the form of vine vinegar, edible fruit, often used as a vegetable cooked. There are 2 types of squash: chickle chalk: because the shell is too white chalk, large fruit but many intestines. Hard ice cube: thick and hard fruit shells. Fruits are small but less intestinal.
The main ingredient of squash is water, high in fiber, no lipid. Every 100g of squash contains 0.4g of protid, 2.4g of glucid, 19mg of calcium, 12mg of phosphorus, 0.3mg of iron, many vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B9, C, E ... and minerals such as potassium, phosphor, magnesium ...).
Pumpkin is also known as green pumpkins, pastels, pastes, pass through ... This familiar food in this daily diet is very good for health, it has the effect of heat to cool the intestines, help beautiful skin. slim shape
In addition, squash is considered as one of the drugs that can cure many diseases such as asthma, pertussis, poisoning, cancer, ulcers ... According to traditional medicine, cool, has the use of heat bar, heat and mucus dissolve, cooling the intestines and quench thirst, diuretic, do good, detoxify and reduce fat. Often used to treat respiratory diseases with cough and sputum due to heat, diabetes, edema caused by kidney disease, liver disease, edema in pregnancy ... Learn the unexpected effects of "precious medicine" executioner.
The prominent uses of squash
Weight loss, anti-obesity
The first thing to mention is the weight loss effect of squash. Weight loss is mainly because the pumpkin is able to fill the belly without much energy.
The pumpkin contains a lot of water and does not contain fat. In addition, in the pumpkin also contains chemical compounds hyterin-caperin prevent the sugar to be converted into fat in the body, so the body will not accumulate fat.
Squash fruit is high in fiber. This type of fiber is very beneficial to the intestines and gastrointestinal tract. Low heat production, fat content is almost nonexistent and can reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, it is the ideal medicine to treat obesity, eat long squash can help you. has a delicate body.
In addition, vitamin B9, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium in the squash also contribute to beautiful body, remove fat in the abdomen. Shellfish is thought to contain more vitamins and minerals, so it is possible to eat the whole shell, especially the melon shell when young. For people who are obese or want to lose weight, eating squash regularly is really good.
But many girls expect the use of squash so it is very good to eat squash or squash juice without knowing that this way will damage your digestive tract.
Spotting sprinkles are very high soap, in the past in the village we used to use this feature of the pumpkin squash using bleach to bleach fabric instead of bleach. So if you eat live pumpkin or drink squash juice is grinding vitamins like beauty, it should not be because of the nature of the secretion of pseudoephedrine will cause disease in your digestive system.
When cooked with wine made of squash or cooked thoroughly, soapy soap is almost gone so often eat pumpkin cooked thoroughly or drink water squash can boiled.
Heat bar, detoxification
According to traditional medicine, candy light sweet, cool, has the use of heat, heat and dissolve sputum, cooling the intestines and quench thirst, diuretic, do all the detoxification, detoxification and reduce fat.
It is not accidental that in some localities, squash is used for processing into heat tea, detoxification. Tea melon is not only easy to drink but also helps to cool the body well in hot days.
Beautiful skin
Not only cure, squash is also considered a "cosmetic" of women's own. Ginkgo - the secret of the beauty of the ancient beauty: high pumpkin has many uses such as moisturizing the skin, make the skin smooth, bright pink, reduce oil, acne bran and blackheads. In addition, tall squash is suitable for women with acne at puberty and people with rough skin, large pores, dull skin.
Ginkgo biloba has the advantage of being benign, free of preservatives, so it does not worry about the damage of the skin afterwards, it is suitable for all skin types, especially suitable for those who like to skin care by Oriental medicine.
You can also apply the juice on your face or mix the squash juice with cucumber juice or honey on your face, about 30 minutes after rinsing with clean water. The secretion contains lots of water and vitamins that are good for the skin, changing the skin's moisture, smoothing the skin, blotting dark spots and blemishes.
Especially if your skin is melanin, black then after squash to get water, you should leave a little juice then mixed with honey, put on the face, the burns on the face will fade away.
Other effects:
Studies have shown that the sodium content in squash is very low, so it is effective for people suffering from diseases such as arteriosclerosis, diabetes, coronary heart disease, kidney inflammation, edema, high disease. blood pressure and obesity.
Some good remedies from the pumpkin, blue pumpkin:
Primary inflammation, low turbidity due to low temperature of the bladder: blue egg shell. Drink water.
Hot summer heat, boiled flu prevention epidemic (encephalitis, dengue fever ...): secret just scraped through the shell, sliced ​​500g, fresh straw mushrooms 50g, green beans, lean pork, seasonings. Additional coordination may be needed. For more thought, white bean, lotus leaf just ...
Whole body: squash cooked with carp, onions.
Diabetes: 2,500g squeezed cut head to make into the 30g powder royal. Cover the lid with a toothpick. Cooked, cooled, forced to drink water 3 times.
Pertussis, acute and chronic bronchitis: 15g pumpkin seeds mixed with fine sugar alum with honey to drink with boiled water to cool. 2-3 times a day.
Asthma: The pumpkin is still stalk, add to the steamed alum sugar. Eat about 4 fruit to see the effect. Can add ginger.
Food poisoning (shrimp, fish, puffer fish ...): fresh squash, pounded, squeezed water very much, add some salt dissolved salt, divided drink several times a day in case of mild.
Cure ulcer in the lungs or colon (carcinoma, colon cancer): squash seeds, dandelion, honeysuckle, hints (live), lettuce fish, each 40g root wipe 20g; sandalwood seeds, licorice every 10g drink.
Sore throat: 300g fresh watermelon, 50g nuts, cooking oil, spices. Note the previous release for the new pumpkin for cooking, spices. Eat water. Divided two times in the day.
Maintain a beautiful face: watermelon, wine 1.500g, water 100g, honey 500g.Make secret into small pieces, water, alcohol into the pot of mashed potatoes, filtered water into high and then put the honey again. Allow to cool to the vial closed gradually use the evening cream.
Freckles: 350g seeds, lotus seeds 30g, white only 15g. All smooth. Daily drink after meal. Boil water with cold water.
Pumpkin (green pumpkin) is best known for its dishes such as pumpkin soup, shrimp soup, pumpkin soup ... it looks like this vegetable can combine with many other ingredients to create dishes. attractive soup. Hope through the article Eating blue pumpkins, pumpkin effect? It has provided you with useful information about the pumpkin, the pumpkin. Combined with great uses such as beauty and weight loss, good for the heart and kidneys, this kind of vegetables is increasingly chosen by domestic people in the menu of their family.
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