Squeeze the toes

Update: 9/18/2020

The process is inked very carefully, ensuring food safety.

- First of all have to choose the most fresh squid. The better the finished product, the better. Especially, torn squid tuna is made from squid, the freshest ink in the family in ink.

- Next is the treatment of ink, ink and ink squeeze. The ink should be thoroughly cleaned, remove the sand on the squid body and bring to dry. If it is too dry, the ink will lose its soft and sweet taste.

- Bake in a baking oven or electric oven at 110-120 ° C. The baking time is about 2 - 3 minutes so that the cuttings are just cooked, and then rolled thinly.

- The most important step is to marinate to feel the salty taste of the sea, the pungent taste of chili and the sweetness of sugar.

Squid is processed from a food hygienic process and does not use any chemicals for preservation. Fresh squid is carefully selected, very soft and delicious. With the method of drum transmission requires meticulous and patiently, the ink tear Delicious Delicious Ngon has a strong taste. Dried cuttlefish can be used as a snack, beverage or as a salad can not be anywhere. In particular, the tear-shredded cartridge with excellent quality will satisfy all customers.

Processed inks are carefully selected, seasoned, dried to help keep the taste natural, soft, just eaten and not dry hard. Spice seasoning can be used to sip with beer, wine ... to make meetings, chat with friends become busy, more fun. A bit spicy, tough, fragrant aroma of dried squid will make you and your loved ones like to be in a sea of prosperous enjoy this unique and attractive specialty.

This is good food, convenient to bring in the opportunity to go away, appropriate to eat, aiming with alcohol or use as an appetizer. Great for picnics, picnics. Or simply processed into simple dishes without spending a lot of time. A bit spicy, tough, fragrant aroma of squid ink will taste better when squeezed a little lemon bring sour charm, great.

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