Sometimes it' spelled "chilli" in the UK and "chile" in the Southwestern US, including with reference to the derived products.
Hot, red chilies are a staple in Vietnamese marinades and other dishes. These include the tiny, exceptionally hot bird's-eye chilies.
Use whole dried chilies after removing the seeds or use dried flakes.

Chili pepper pods, which are berries, are used fresh or dried. Chilies are dried to preserve them for long periods of time or may also be done by pickling. Dried chilies are often ground into powders, although many Mexican dishes including variations on chiles rellenos use the entire chili.

Dried whole chiles may be reconstituted before grinding to a paste. The chipotle is the smoked, dried, ripe jalapeño.

Style: fresh big chilli
Color : red, yellow
Size ; 7-10cm cm
Taste : hot
Packing : 4kg / carton or 6kg / plastic basket
    1cont’20= 7tons

Style: fresh small chilli
Color : red, yellow
Size : 2-4 cm, 3 - 5 cm
Taste : hot
Packing : 4kg / carton or 6kg / plastic basket
    1cont’20= 7tons

Style: frozen small chilli
Color : red
Size : 3-5 cm, 5 - 7 cm without stem
Moisture  : 60-80% 
Shelf life : -18 dgree 12 month
Dry kg from 30%-32%
Packing: in 20kg PP bag, 1200 bag per 40ft container
                     or as buyer's request

Style:  dried chilli
Length : 27-10 cm
Moisture : 12% max
Impurity : 0,1% min
Packing : in 20 kg / bag
    1cont’20= 5 tons

Style: chilli powder
Moisture : 10% max
Impurity : 0%
Packing : 25 - 50 kgs / PP, PE bag
    1cont20ft: 15MT

Type: Capsicum
Style: fresh
Colour : red, green, yellow
Size : large, medium, small
Packing : 4 - 5 kgs cartons
    or buyer's request
    12 MTx 40 ft HC


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