Update: 11/26/2013

According to traditional pharmacy , and warm temperate seahorses do mistakenly opened circuit , is used to treat asthma for a long time .
How processed as follows : alcohol soaked dried seahorses stars through dry or very dry and pulverized to take or complete the membership of the other drugs .
How to use : drink every day Fish Meal 4 - 12g , 3 times with boiled water or light wine , fresh or dried fish poisoned wine or soaked with other herbs such as Epimedium , characters, content humiliation ...
Alcohol soaked zebrafish drink every day 2 times per 20ml . In addition, individuals can also bring fresh horse stew with chicken tonic for blood gas , mild kidney yang . Topical , taking the place of fish meal sprinkled on sores . Pregnant women and people with yin syndrome should not take the Fire Lord .
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