High prices of durians in vice season

Update: 11/27/2013

Growers riverside villages Money , Cai Lay district , Tien Giang province is entering the time of harvest durian season against the high price twice in favorable seasons .
The same high quality durian , floaters as : Ri 6 , Mon - thon , barn , ... type 1 is purchased from 43,000 dealers to 45,000 VND / kg , two types of durians cost not less than 35,000 VND / kg , an increase of 3,000 VND / kg compared with the previous week .
The reason is that most of the other fruits in the Mekong Delta ended the season should market demand are scarce . At this price , after deducting costs , per hectare durian farmer interest income from 150 million to 200 million.
In particular , in this case reverse durian , durian production of 15 hectares in accordance with the Vietnamese farmers GAP Tan Son village , Ngu Hiep Commune interest income higher than the national average of 10 to 15 % reduction in costs due to weather cost of fertilizers , pesticides compared to traditional farming , especially the durian Five cooperative Agreement consumption 100 % higher output prices than the market price .
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