Hot price of dried seafood

Update: 11/27/2013

Seafood commodity prices suddenly increased dry out . Survey the market in the city .
Bien Hoa , kind of delicious dried shrimp prices from 500-850 thousand VND / kg , an increase of 100 thousand VND / kg compared to the previous . Small dried shrimp , shrimps , shrimp ... also increased by 10-30 % compared to the previous .
Prices types of dried fish , dried squid ... also started to escalate with an increase from 5-20 % . Specifically , the dry inks ranged from 280-650 thousand VND / kg . Snapper from 150-250 thousand VND / kg . The dry type copper , freshwater dry start inching prices .
According to traders commodity trading , prices rose on the dry types occasion to reach the festival by the large market demand . However, earlier this year the price increases every year due to time through all kinds of seafood continually rise . In particular, the " fever " is fresh shrimp dry goods prices rise.
Source: Dong Nai news
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