Farmers focus on taking care of fruit crops to sell in Tet holidays on time

Update: 11/28/2013

Every year , on this day fruit growers to put health care , fertilizing , processing orchards to provide the best quality fruit serving the Lunar New Year . Knowing that not every year selling fruit festival but also appreciated that seems joy and hope of the farmers on a Tet is warm , comfortable and a new year season , winning prices .
Unique pineapple to sell on Tet hoildays
When it comes to fruit served Tet market is impossible not to mention fruits for them in trays of five fruits in three days of ethnic traditional New Year . Now Fruit Festival not to cater to the basic needs of human beings is delicious , but the most important is "rare " , sleek , eye-catching , meaning an expressed desire to be prosperous new Year 's homeowners .
Unique fruits of Tien Giang is being hunted by traders in the New Year that serve pineapple , pineapple son . Mr. Ha Van Bay , serving pineapple farmers in Thanh My commune , Tan Phuoc district ( Tien Giang ) said , serving pineapple , pineapple son is kind of ornamental pineapple , stretching nhach but garish red lipstick , shape as shown eagle was not in touch with the other fruits should be very popular market and traders are ordering 1-2 months before the New Year .
Want to sell pineapples right Tet , the lunar calendar is about February farmers start planting seedlings , early September to the lunar calendar begins to clump flowering handled using air stones ( calcium carbide ) water soluble with pineapple . Currently serving pineapple growers , pineapple son scurrying care , adequate watering , spraying fertilizers to significant drug and wax not attack as many days weather cover to the left to not be burnt pineapple fruit .
Last year , pineapple serve the best kind of beautiful farm-gate prices of up to 300 thousand / fruit , pineapple good kind of cost 150-200 thousand VND / kg , while for the pineapple fruit pineapple washed out after a good option ( fibers ) also have a $ 30 thousand dollars / left .
However, the clumps can serve requests in shape is highly recommended number of fruit every beautiful garden only about 20-30 % . For pineapple son , requirements models do not require the strict left satisfactory rate but offset higher prices pineapple son just under 10 thousand dollars on / left .
Farmers busy care
Green grapefruit fruit is also high demand in the New Year . Therefore, farmers grow green grapefruit grapefruit -growing areas in the province of Long Khanh commune , Hoi Xuan , Cam Son , Phu Binh , Hiep Duc , Phu An and Thanh Hoa Cai Lay district ( Tien Giang ) also grapefruit scurrying care for beautiful goods supply for Tet market .
Mr. Nguyen Van Duc , pomelo farmers in Long Khanh , said Cai Lay district , at the beginning lunar May , he loosened soil around the base of grapefruit , fertilizer irrigation to treat 25 green grapefruit tree of Sale family flowers blooming in June and early July and harvested focus on the Lunar New Year . This year's air festival prepares to sell the family's grapefruit as exuberant than usual this year due grapefruit prices were high and hope the price will be higher than the Tet grapefruit . Currently, his green skin pomelo fruit Germans had reached nearly 1 kg weight / left .
Although grapefruit fruit year-round , but most farmers are partially treated grapefruit or grapefruit whole garden to sell even though the price of grapefruit Year in year high or low . Therefore , the supply of grapefruit local festival this year and always abundant grapefruit handling semi Festival has become a habit of grapefruit growers here .
Mr. Thai Van Dua , Head of Cooperation village green skin pomelo Phu Hoa , Long Khanh said , to this point , the 20 hectares of the 40 grapefruit growers in all of the treated groups . Currently, the members are all turned left to care for , pretty good prices during Tet . Expected output of green grapefruit sold its New Year this year no less than 100 tons .
According to Rivals , grapefruit this year have high and stable prices , last sold Tet grapefruit production is also affected by the borer damaged as 20-30 % of grapefruit . Therefore, there are grounds for grapefruit forecast this year will equal or higher than the 40000-60000 VND / kg of Lunar New Year last year .
For dragon fruit , growers are preparing all items are ready to be potted ornamental dragon sells beautiful New Year . In recent years , the demand for " ornamental dragon " were displayed in the celebrations , fairs , exhibitions , especially in high- rise traditional New Year .
Mr. Vo Ngoc Diep , Head of Cooperation dragon Luong Phu Luong Hoa Lac commune , Cho Gao ( Tien Giang ) said festival every year he prepared more than 100 dragon potted plants to cater to the needs trees Tet ornamental market . Currently, Mr. Yip also the ornamental dragon fruit growers in the region are prepared to choose the sex sleek stems to sell ornamental dragon festival .
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