Reasonable investment , Vietnam will be a powerhouse of vegetables

Update: 11/29/2013

" There is a reasonable investment policy to develop the advantages of vegetables endowed with tropical , subtropical in the north to export to China , VN becomes enhance vegetables " .
VN , particularly the northern province vegetable production for the very favorable in the winter , to coincide with the Chinese SX can not be cold fresh vegetables so this is a huge potential for exporting fresh vegetables to China , but now we are left open .
From about 11 months to 3 years later , from VN border region between 70-100 km , cold winter climate makes over 80% of China's territory can not do vegetables grow well . Want fresh vegetables , they are forced to grow in a greenhouse , the cost is too high , but the quality can not compete with natural fresh vegetables of the North VN . By vegetables grown in the Red River Delta now good quality in the world's most categories .
For example, tomato plants , tomato varieties out of VN quality not inferior to any country in the world , to yield 70-80 tons / ha , even 100 tons / ha . Investment in a tomato ha currently about 50 million / ha , within 4-5 months , the market price just average 5 thousand VND / kg , will be valid at least for 300 million, could high as 500 million, excluding costs , labor rates possible for 50 % of total net worth .
Not any plant can achieve that profit . If done to ensure safety and quality vegetables to eat fresh , value can be even higher. Israel currently exporting tomato on fresh food markets to 100 thousand VND / kg , only the new rich are eating . Only 6-7 companies per year SX tomatoes but tomatoes Israel exports with higher value of rice exports VN.Chi the north of our country need to be built from 600-700 thousand hectares of winter tomatoes for export to China alone , I will assure higher foreign exchange earnings 6-7 times the total annual production of rice in the North.
Tomatoes in particular and vegetables in general are also subject can be put into rice land easily replaced when we make Restructuring Scheme agriculture .
On the market , although China is now the country 's largest tomato production world , they rent the land for growing tomatoes inside Ukraine but because they are so large that demand is never enough , especially in the winter they do not have fresh tomato products , which the Chinese consumer tastes are like so that gaps that we need to export advantage .
I emphasize fresh food products by processing technology , agricultural products , canned tomatoes in general and China in particular are very modern now , they 're very much going ahead to export processed goods will have difficulty competing .
The biggest problem when it's fresh produce export quality requirements . Because in the long run , if we put the issue to China is exporting vegetables to quota , but the quota can not be forever . This means that there are quality control , food safety in accordance with the provisions of international practices and China's in particular . This technically speaking, we absolutely do . But the biggest problem barriers to the export of fresh vegetables sources present the most difficulty organizing production , and quality control is very poor in our country .
In my opinion , first , the state needs to put more vegetables object position staple crops to have policies specific to plants , by policy for vegetables in general is still very limited.
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