Expectations of seafood exports

Update: 11/29/2013

2013, total seafood export turnover is estimated at $ 6.5 billion, of which shrimp and fish account for more than 70.7% forecast totaling $ 4.6 billion. 2014, shrimp and fish is expected to continue pulling staples seafood export growth.
Shrimp hold top spot 2013 , shrimp exports far exceeding the total planned turnover of $ 2.8 billion , accounting for 43 % of total seafood exports . In particular , white shrimp exports hit record with an estimated $ 1.2 billion .
Some local farms , the number of large shrimp processing plants in areas such as : Ca Mau , Bac Lieu , Soc Trang ... shrimp exports have more positive changes . Mr. Ly Van Thuan - Secretary General Association of Seafood Exporters & Mau - said , expected this year , total exports in Ca Mau seafood is estimated at over $ 1 billion , which accounted for shrimp 95 % .
According to Thuan export market in 2013 has prospered because the price impact due to the water supply large raw shrimp , such as Thailand , China lost season . Exports to the U.S. market to meet many advantages due after CVD , the U.S. anti-dumping . According to many experts , in the coming months and in 2014 , shrimp exports remained in the top seafood export market remains open due to high price .
According to statistics from the General Department of Fisheries , the country has 650,000 hectares of shrimp farming , including the Mekong River Delta is still the key to almost 600,000 ha , accounting for over 90 % of the shrimp farming country . Currently, farmers in the region are preparing pond for season 2014, with hopes to continue to win big in 2013. Pangasius is still expected Manufacturing industry , fish processing for export in recent years has piled difficulty raw fish prices low, farmers continuously loss , processing and exporting business hardships .
However, pangasius exports in 2013 accounted for a large proportion of exports of the country's fisheries . According to the Association of Seafood Exporters & Vietnam ( VASEP ) , expected in 2013 , the total fish exports estimated at $ 1.8 billion , accounting for 26.7 % of total fishery exports production . In particular, exports of fish in the third quarter reached 424 million, down 3.2 % from the same period last year and 9 month total exports reached nearly 1.3 billion U.S. dollars , down 1.4 % .
The trend of export fish almost U.S. market fluctuations , while the EU market quiet for over a year by the economic crisis reduced demand for imports . From April , the U.S. has surpassed the value of EU imports of catfish . 9 months of the year , fish exports to this market reached nearly $ 300 million , up 2.2 %, while exports to the EU reached $ 285 million , down 11.2 % . Recently , raw fish prices inched up , hoping people consume fish market will recover in the near future.
The processing companies fillet export market also hope there will be many changes after the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Decree of the floor price for export pangasius products . Mr. Le Chi Binh, deputy chairman of the Association farming & Seafood An Giang province - trust , now the market has yet to show signs of prosperity but I/2014 quarter , after the preliminary round decision reviewed administrative 9th U.S. Department of Commerce will determine the export price of fish .
According to Kim Thu - Industry and Trade  news
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