Strict control genetically modified plants used as animal feeds

Update: 11/29/2013

The use of genetically modified plants for food , animal feed being studied towards safety and increase the value and efficiency to the producers .
At the workshop took comments Draft Circular " define the order and procedures for granting and revoking certification transgenic plants using qualified for food, animal feed ," Deputy Minister ARD said Le Quoc Doanh , since 2008 , the Government has approved and allocated for the program MARD application of biotechnology in agriculture .
The Ministry has started implementing restructuring the agricultural sector , and are implementing restructuring proposals plant , which reduced reliance on imports of certain crops like corn and soybeans. Since 2010 , the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has developed genetically modified corn tested on a small scale and present, work is well underway.
According to MARD , the formulation and promulgation of legal documents in order to more closely manage the genetically modified plants in the country and imported into the country for use as food and feed . This contributes to ensuring food safety and facilitate the development of biotechnology , to meet the requirements of plant restructuring . The time to enter our country each year more than 4 million tons of soybeans , soybean meal and 1.5 million tons of corn , including genetically modified products .
According to the draft circular was built , the transgenic plants were given certificates must meet one of the conditions .
First, the transgenic plants are evaluating dossiers Council grant a certificate of registration of genetically modified plants eligible for use as food , feed and conclude that transgenic plants do not have the uncontrollable risks for human health and animals . Second, the transgenic plants are at least 5 developed countries for use as food , feed and not risk occurs in those countries.
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