Pepper prices rise sharply

Update: 2/12/2013

In recent years , so that the price keeps stable at high levels in the Central Highlands growers actively target select varieties with high yield , good disease resistance , as well as investment objectives garden care more , the productivity of pepper plants averaged 2 to 2.5 tons / ha , and even longer to reach more families than 3 tons / ha , bringing high profits compared to many other crops in Central Highlands today.
In recent days , prices Dak Nong province as well as the Central Highlands provinces increased . Prices are dealers in the area with the purchase of 150,000 VND / kg , which was the highest in recent years , prompting growers are extremely happy .
Many pepper farmers in Dak Nong said: While coffee prices plummeted , whereas pepper prices continuously rising , currently at 153,000 VND / kg , an increase of around 30,000 VND / kg from month 7/2013 . According to the purchasing agent target this province , pepper cause price increase is due to the demand of increased world , many countries of Vietnam's pepper imports .
Because prices are high since the beginning of November so far, trading standards activities in the area were diversified , including many families spend more store this year also brought a large margin sales revenue source . Only two more months as the crop season 2013-2014 and targets for the current high prices , growers in the Central Highlands believe there is a bumper crop .
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