Growing mushrooms in winter season

Update: 2/12/2013

Visiting the cultivation of mushrooms pattern left by the Center for Bac Ninh KN - KN Coordination Centre Plant Biotechnology ( Agricultural Genetics Institute ) held in Binh Duong , Binh Gia , we see the chalk farmers start .
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The incipient winter day , in the clearing in the rural culture Outbreak , Binh Duong is the straw mushroom beds , fertilized up . Sisters cheerful harvest mushrooms , fungi often grow in summer .
This is a large field mushrooms 3 Outbreak is cooperative perches Center Bac Ninh KN KN - deployment support from the end of the month 10/2013 . Relatives here said , the weather , erratic prices , labor costs and materials that increase production of winter crops are not as expected . If the model mushroom season success , next year you will have a lot of choice for high -income than wage work , to be near her husband and children .
Mr. Vu Minh Hieu , deputy director of Bac Ninh DARD share : Hang in the province cultivated on 70,000 hectares of rice of all kinds , straw yield over 500,000 tons . Straw is often used as fuel or feed for livestock , but many localities have mechanized tillage should also fewer cattle . Therefore, straw often overlooked field falling canals flow congestion or burnt ash planting vegetables that take environmental pollution .
Mr. Tran Xuan Dinh , deputy director of the Department of Crop Production :
Beginning in 2013, the Department has advised the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development put mushrooms on the structure of production of winter crops . In this context , the development of fungal replacing winter crops is inefficient positive direction .
Ms. Truong Thi Hong Van , Science and Technology Department of Economic Sectors - Engineering ( Ministry of Science and Technology ) :
Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is conducting approved the " National Product " , in the frame of the project that ate mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms have been officially approved . The goal of the project is 2020 mechanized mushroom industry and open up a new era for high-tech agriculture this .
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