VietGAP Agricultural Development - Strengthening connections

Update: 3/12/2013

According to a survey of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade , alone supermarkets , convenience stores as Saigon Co-op , Metro , Big C , Vinatex , Satra , Lotte Mart , B 's Mart ... the amount of vegetables consumed more categories 217.5 tons / day , of which 98.6 tons VietGAP vegetables . However , due to HCM VietGAP vegetable production accounts for only 1/3 of leaf vegetables and 1/10 of fruit vegetables / day .
Supply - demand was not met
Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Trung , deputy director of HCM City Department of Agriculture and Rural Development , said suburban and coastal districts each year providing 300,000 tons of all kinds of vegetables safety needs of over 800,000 tons / year of TP . But with VietGAP vegetables , require compliance with strict manufacturing process than the safe vegetable production is mainly concentrated in the cooperative ( cooperative ) , cooperative groups . But some area cooperatives , producer cooperatives certified VietGAP .
The reason , limited output and high prices of vegetables VietGAP than 5% of production - 10 % . The cooperative production for supply to supermarkets, convenience stores , canteens , food manufacturing industry , schools ... under the contract . This figure is about 60 tons / day , accounting for 65.6 % of the vegetables produced VietGAP .
Bui Hanh Thu , deputy general director of Saigon Co said production in the suburbs has some advantages , such as the City to facilitate the production , transport vegetables gains short ... but VietGAP only about 30 % in of about 4,000 tons ( 80 billion ) per month co-op Mart system consumption . Only 10 organizations , cooperatives supply TP 30 out of the 300 items of vegetables and fruits of all kinds are sold . Thus, the abundance , species diversity found in the suburbs is not high . Of course due to weather , soil , some items are not planted in the city .
But significant production in the city VietGAP new low standards ( GlobalGAP or is not in the direction of organic produce ( organic ) ) and still have not confirmed the cooperative produced . Meanwhile , Lam Dong in the garden when production must reach this standard .
Bui Hanh Thu said that the modern distribution channels are very interested in agricultural VietGAP , Saigon Co-op is committed to supporting the best price . City stabilization program should also facilitate support to influence the production of standard VietGAP .
According to Nguyen Thi Anh Ngoc , Chairman of the Agricultural Cooperative Rabbits Vietnam ( Cu Chi ) , supermarkets are often " coal " not enough type, quantity, but quality vegetable production cooperatives VietGAP always balance compared with orders to operatives to find many other marketing channels . Similarly, Chairman of Cooperative Breeding Swine safety Pioneer said Nguyen Huu Chi , is the leading cooperative VietGAP pig , has 7 years now , to invest from feedlot waste water treatment system processes properly , but still not on the official distribution system . If this situation lasts afraid that no one adopted in this direction again . The desire is there where cooperatives introduced to consumers ( consumers ) know VietGAP pork safety .
Mr. Nguyen Van Truc , General Director of the Saigon Agriculture Corporation ( SAGRI ) said , food safety issues are sensitive . Therefore , departments and organizations to support the production units VietGAP certified peace of mind to consumers and producers and security of having a stable place of consumption .
Vice Chairman of HCMC People's Committee Nguyen Thi Hong said that agriculture is characterized by bright , afternoon wilt . In recent years , this group became commodities to stabilize markets , increasingly diverse categories , the number is growing . Recently consumer demand changes when the vegetables crisp increasingly large proportion of the family meal .
According to a survey by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development , suburbs have the resources , technology , capital , and land to produce . The distribution channel that the Department of Trade and Industry survey also shows a growing demand of consumers of agricultural products VietGAP . Forecast , vegetable consumption goods VietGAP 2014 to about 137 tons / day , an increase of 39 % compared to current needs . In 2020 this figure is about 962 tons / day , an increase of 875 % compared to current demand . The problem today is the lack of connection .
Therefore , the role of the state is " se coast" to 2 sides meet , exchange , contract supply and consumption of agricultural products continue to monitor VietGAP and to remove the obstacles encountered . The price is higher than 5 % - 10 % is not difficult when consumer demand is increasingly taking notice of food safety to help protect your health. So how can consumers be able to distinguish and identify where agricultural products are VietGAP .
This also means , to switch suppliers production practices to meet consumer requirements . In addition, the facility - not stopping the industry connected with supermarkets , convenience stores that need to expand the collective kitchens , industrial parks , restaurants , hotels , schools , hospitals . Agricultural suppliers to review manufacturing direction , can not " eating away " . Demand has transformed , cleaning products , health effects NTD definitely not acceptable . So vendors have to switch production to consumer demand stable output .
Production VietGAP not too difficult or complex that do not . It is important to realize transformation , towards producing clean , safe market demands .
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