Vietnam rice prices suddenly are the highest one in the world

Update: 4/12/2013

Enterprises ( DN ) said rice export price of Vietnam rice exports have risen sharply higher prices ahead of Thailand .
Specifically , 5% broken rice of Vietnam are now being offered at $ 425 USD / ton , up to 30 USD / ton compared with the previous month . Meanwhile , the same type of Thai rice fell 10 USD / ton , the price of 395 USD / ton fell 15 USD / ton compared with the previous month and a decrease to 155 USD / ton compared to the same period last year . In the same 25% broken rice , Vietnam rice prices offered are higher rice Thailand 5-10 USD / ton .
The reason is Mr. Nguyen Van Don , Vietnam Director Hung Co. , explained by the information Vietnam won a contract to sell 500,000 tonnes of rice to the Philippines . The price which our country signed with the Philippines at 462 USD / MT , Thailand cheaper bid to 475 USD / ton . Also, due to the decrease in domestic rice supply , prices rise so new rice .
" Unfortunately, the rice price increase but there is no benefit for businesses with export prices so they can not be sold . With the DN stockpiles in warehouses not much . The same type of rice that Vietnam rice prices just higher than Thai rice 20-30 USD / ton, importers still choose to buy Thai rice for marginally better quality . Let alone the higher price would be beneficial to Thailand just because they need to discharge more rice inventory " - Don shared .
Representing a rice-polishing factory in Tien Giang said the domestic price of rice has increased by 200-250 dong / kg . However, farmers do not benefit because the autumn-winter crop was harvested sold out long ago , in the winter season still two months to harvest . Large cargo of rice in the country was " bleeding " across the border by way of massive export quota .
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