Renovating towards intensive cashew orchard

Update: 4/12/2013

Development of " hot " processing activities , business in the area of ​​plantations is declining , low productivity , making this sector increasingly dependent on imported raw materials .
The area fell sharply
According to the Vietnam Cashew Association ( Vinacas ) , from 2007 to the present area under cultivation decreased continuously . Specifically , in 2007 , the country had 440.000ha thing , now only fluctuated around 360.000ha . Moreover, the country orchard yields currently very low, from 0.8 to 1 t / ha , yields that the country is estimated at 300,000 tons / year . Area decreases, leading to poor performance Vietnam losing active in local materials , highly dependent on imported raw materials from countries in the region . Specifically in 2013 , Vietnam has to import 50 % of raw materials for export processing , corresponding to approximately 500,000 tons of raw cashew .
Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh - Chairman Vinacas said one of the reasons that lead to tree decline area businesses processing less attached to the material , is not helping it reach farmers with the progress of science and technology to enhance productivity , grain quality . Since then , increasing economic efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of this plant with other plants .
Meanwhile , Nguyen Thi Kim Nga - Chairman of Binh Phuoc Cashew Association also said that local regions largest material things but the past year , the orchard area has continuously decreased . The reason is partly due to the weather change much , the disadvantage of this tree , moreover , the price of raw materials is not stable , farmers or traders to price pressure ...
Need to change development thinking
For sustainable development of this sector , the State Vinacas proposed branding support this national association for geographical indications in Binh Phuoc and Dong Nai . At the same time , support 10-20 business enterprise manufacturing conditions are labeled " Vietnam Value" .
According to a number of agricultural experts , industry needed change thinking about the development towards sustainability in both the cultivation and processing business conditions . Institute of Statistical Planning and Design Southern agriculture said that the total number of processing plants throughout the country in 2012 was 465 mill scale , medium and small . If the processing facility microscopic scale , the " oven split " household scale ... it would amount to nearly 1,000 establishments . The total processing capacity design of the plant can reach over 1 million tonnes of crude / year .
To this sector for sustainable development in our country , according to Thanh : " No need to increase the area that much , because as much as planting susceptible to price pressure . In contrast, the need to renovate the garden area of ​​specialization has grown , good varieties for high yield . "
Meanwhile , the Department of Trade Processing of Agricultural Products and Salt ( MARD ) said that this sector will be forthcoming restructuring of the general policy of the agricultural sector . At the same time , each locality should plan suitable production areas , selected areas where farming conditions fully .
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