Big winning in the round scad harvest this year

Update: 5/12/2013

From early July until now , fishing port of Vinh Luong , Vinh Luong ( Nha Trang ) welcome smelt fishing vessels , fishing dock carrying grain paint was full .
We present in Vinh Luong fishing port in the early morning air bustling place where the vessel , fish purchases . Most ships now dock carrying mostly filled with anchovy , fish, grain paint .
Just had fishing trip off victorious return , Tran Minh Hoang fishermen , boat owners KH 94 466 - TS excited : "This ship 3 days I go fishing than 5 tonnes of anchovy , fish painting , paddy prices scad now 13-20 thousand VND / kg ( depending on type ) , an increase of 2-3 thousand dollars over last year ; fish painted paddy 6-7 thousand VND / kg , after deducting all costs me a few tens of million " .
Hoang Anh said , from early July until now , most of the ships were caught scad fish grain paint , while the boats fishing holes this year it lost season . Although the economic value of non- high 2 fish , but fishing is produced by large vessels should be profitable . As sea fishing trips last 7 days docked ship Hoang carry nearly 15 tons of fish of all kinds , fish sales after selling 200 million, excluding interest costs him more than 50 million.
Similarly, vessel KH - 97 968 ​​fishermen Dr. Nguyen Van Mai , by how much rain this year , so this year anchovy seasonal boat dock he only caught 5 flights . But thanks to anchovy fishing boat hit him quite profitable , brother elated workers work harder . Mr. Mai said his ship has 15 employees , each about 1 week voyage fishing from 7-10 tonnes of anchovy and paint grain , with the current price , after deducting the cost of each fishing trip , he collected profit of about 30 million, crew income averaging about 3 million VND / person .
Besides the joy of fishing for fish caught on the banks of the services currently make food also not bad . The store sells fuel , cargo boats serve , these fish bearer , porters have benefited .
Nguyen Van Huan Luong Son village , Vinh Luong , a working fishing port , said he has been working in the fishing port nearly ten years . His work in this fishing port along with a group of fish caught from shore to ship refrigerated vehicles transported in cold storage areas . These days thanks to the ship hit scad , grain painted so each day I have an income of 300 thousand dollars .
We can say , anchovy fishermen harvest fish from the North to the beginning of this work has contributed to improving the lives , increase incomes for fishermen , which cover the cost of the first fishing trip unfavorable case .
Talking to NNVN , Mr. Le The Customs , Head of PMU fishing port of Vinh Luong said , contrary to the specialized vessels fishing holes this year failed , the high-priced professional fishing anchovy , paint the bumper paddy .
From early July to now , average each fishing vessel from 5-7 tons / trip . Fishing port of Vinh Luong has welcomed more than 40 days anchovy fishing vessels spikes , fish output port paint with up to hundreds of tons . Due catch fish so the ship after it docked finished selling fish preparation materials continue offshore fishing .
Vinh Luong has about 150 pairs of high-priced vessels operating in inshore areas in the province . Thanks exploited anchovy , fish painting paddy achieve high yields and profits , most boats are now sticking off the sea .
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