Mekong Delta : sweet potato bumper

Update: 9/12/2013

According to the agriculture sector in the Mekong River Delta provinces , in 2013 , the province in the bumper crop of sweet potatoes because the average yield of 24 tonnes / ha , in 2012 higher than 1.9 t / ha with a total planted area 20,269 ha .
Total annual production is estimated at 486,000 tonnes , led by potato -growing areas in the country .
On average, each hectare , growers sell 70-90 million, excluding all fees , interest of at least 50 million per season . In addition to potato tubers , potato farmers also sell similar strings , extra income . For every 200 bundles sold 20,000 dong per hectare while growing need 500 bundles .
Each service lasts sweet potatoes from four to four and a half months . The farmers' varieties are commonly used potato squash, white potatoes , potato milk , potato and sweet potato purple Duong Ngoc Japan .
Vinh Long province has the largest area of ​​sweet potatoes in the Mekong River delta . This year , the province planted near 9.857ha ( accounting for 48 % of the whole area ) , the average yield of 30 tonnes / ha .
According to the General Statistics Office , from 2003 to the present , the sweet potato yield of Vinh Long is always highest in the country through the soil here is particularly well suited to intensive cultivation and the sweet potato farmers high .
Japanese purple potatoes grown in Vinh Long to yield 30-36 tons / ha but economic efficiency is nearly double the other cultivars by high prices . Many households now have become rich by growing sweet potatoes .
In Binh Tan district , the province 's largest potato growing farmers commonly applied models : 2 for 1 potato crop ; 1 2 rice potatoes , rice or 1 chips 1 , both for economic efficiency has maintained high soil fertility .
The Mekong Delta provinces are striving to expand export markets for sweet potato acreage has increased by just raising incomes for farmers .
Vinh Long Private exported to Japan , Singapore , Malaysia , Hong Kong , South Korea with the number of hundreds of tons of sweet potatoes each year . / .
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