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Update: 10/12/2013

Edible mushrooms , medicinal mushrooms and development potential
Edible mushrooms , medicinal mushrooms are not only nutritional value ( rich in protein - protein plants , accounting for 30-40 % of dry matter , glucide , lipids , amino acids , vitamins , minerals ... ) , mushrooms are also biologically active substances ( polysaccharides - multi-path quality , nucleic acids ... ) . So mushrooms can be considered as a kind of fresh vegetables , fresh meat , functional foods , medical drugs .
Our country has over 40 million tons of straw , and tens of millions of tons of sawdust , bagasse , corn cobs body is mostly burned , causing environmental pollution . If using this material for the fungus to grow , it will generate millions of tons of commercial mushrooms for domestic consumption and exports , major earner for the country .
SX mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms suitable for all regions in the country . Millions of rural workers will have food , employment , income stability , contributing to economic development , political and social security .
MOST fungal development
In recent decades, research institutes, universities , research centers in VN has resulted in the application of biotechnology fields such as genetic engineering , tissue culture , mutant , fermentation technology ... from the laboratory to the production facility to selection, production , cultivation and processing of medicinal mushrooms and fungi .
Yield and quality of some fungi ( black fungus , mushrooms ) equivalent to China , Taiwan . Many other fungi only reached 60-70 % yield and quality compared to the developed world .
SX mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms requires implementation of a series of closed technology from the stage of breeding , material handling , farming environment , care , harvesting , storage , processing and pest control . This is a branch of agricultural biotechnology tech .
The other industries like power industry , construction , transportation , mechanical machinery , refrigeration , automation will grow in sync with mushroom production industry . It is the same equipment used in production , aquaculture , processing and sterilization mushrooms as raw material , high temperature control , low , sprinkler irrigation , aeration , cutting machines , pressed straw , sawdust mill , relatives cob , mixing ingredients , close the bag , automatically seeded , cut mushrooms , dried , canned ...
China has kept 1 summation professional mushroom growers will be adding 28 followers . Mushroom industry will develop health sector to promote production of supplements , medicines , functional foods , cosmetics ...
Mushroom production in the country and the world
Each year our country is approximately 250,000 tons production of fresh mushrooms , straw mushrooms mainly , black mushrooms , oyster mushrooms , mushroom , Ganoderma ... total export turnover reached nearly U.S. $ 100 million / year , mainly salted mushroom , canned , dried black mushrooms , fresh mushrooms and salt . Export market of over 20 countries but still not enough to meet demand .
Price and quality of VN exports mushrooms can compete with China and other countries . Domestic demand is increasing in both quantity and price ( an increase of over 10 % / year ) . The important thing is that we do not have to spend top dollar to spend in mushroom production .
The world production each year nearly 30 million tons , of which China reached 20 million tons . The 1960 XK territories Taiwan reached $ 100 million / year and take the development of mushroom production as a breakthrough in the agricultural sector .
From 1980 to now , a number of provinces in China such as Fujian enrichment plant mushrooms are considered . Fujian has about 4 million people for growing mushrooms ( accounting for over 10 % of the population ) . South Korea , Taiwan ... are importing sawdust , straw , corn cobs themselves from their VN and mushroom production value reached nearly $ 10 billion / year , exports to over 80 countries mushrooms .
Experience fungal development in China and South Korea are from the 1980s , government investment expenditure and technology import modern equipment from developed countries like USA , Netherlands ... to industrialized production mushrooms .
Development trends mushroom production has shifted to countries in which agriculture is where VN because many materials for mushroom cultivation due to agricultural production and light industry created , as well as a source country labor abundant, cheap labor . SX mushrooms increasingly mechanized , automated and become a strong economy in the world .
Some countries such as Japan , Taiwan , South Korea , and China are investing in VN to production , processing and consumption of mushrooms ( there are nearly 20 operating base from north to south ) . This is also the partner creates competition to promote mushroom industry VN development.
Around the world , in agricultural production outside of cultivation and animal husbandry , the fungus is classified in the Manufacturing sector Tuesday.

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