Metro to boost agricultural exports of Vietnam

Update: 11/12/2013

Metro Cash & Cary Vietnam , Metro Trade Office in Singapore and the local units have to work closely together to promote exports of agricultural products to Vietnam in Metro systems around the globe .
She Do Kim Dung , Head of product purchase fresh and frozen , Metro Trade Office in Singapore said: " The first consignment of 23 tonnes of dragon landed safely Shanghai last November recently opened great opportunity for the export of fruit and vegetable products from Vietnam to the Metro center in China and worldwide . "
Currently, Metro is still in the process of finding the Vietnam meet company standards to deliver agricultural products such as garlic , ginger , passion fruit , rambutan , strawberry ... to provide system Metro global .
2013 , Metro has purchased directly from the suppliers of agricultural products in the country with a total value of more than $ 6 million to supply its supermarkets across the globe . It is expected that by 2014 this figure will be raised to $ 12 million .
Mr. Philippe Bacac , Metro Vietnam general director said: As a powerful country can about agriculture, Vietnam has great potential and the conditions of agricultural production value as seafood , fruits and vegetables of all kinds other agricultural products .
He said that Vietnam should invest more to modernize agriculture , improve product quality and competitiveness of the components of a sustainable supply chain to ensure food hygiene and safety from site farm to fork. / .
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