Mexico wants to import Vietnam rice

Update: 11/12/2013

Nguyen Hong Duong leader has visited Mexico and attended seminars on business opportunities and investment with Vietnam .
Commercial Office Embassy of Vietnam in coordination with Mexican Rice Council host country ( CMA ) held a seminar on . According to Nguyen Hong Duong , trade turnover between Vietnam and Mexico in recent years has exceeded $ 1.2 billion , but still not commensurate with existing and potential relationships between the two political good countries .
Deputy Director Nguyen Hong Duong briefed characteristics , production and export situation of Vietnam rice in recent years with production of 44 million tonnes in 2012 , mainly for export , reached $ 3.7 billion and Vietnam ranks second in the world in the export of food .
In the introduction of rice in Mexico , CMA Chief Executive Officer Ricardo Mondragon Mendoza emphasized by traditional corn is grown and consumed on the situation of rice production and consumption in Mexico remains modest , with the objective consumption of 1.2 million tons / year and average consumption per capita stood at 6 kg / year , much lower than 8 kg / person / month in Vietnam .
According to Mondragon , Mexico now must import 90 % of the rice consumed in the country and is home to 75 % of which is imported as grain and mostly from the U.S. . After appreciate Vietnam's rice exports , CMA Chief Executive Officer Mondragon anxious to find appropriate mechanisms to import rice in Vietnam and gradually learn to invest in production in Vietnam , to meet demand in countries and aims to export to other markets in the region .
Deputy Director Nguyen Hong Duong also answered many of the questions concerning Mexico DN -intensive process , harvesting and storage of rice in Vietnam , the advanced technology applied in the processing , experience in sustainable rice development with environmental protection , pest control process .
During the visit to Mexico , the Ministry of Industry and Trade delegation also had a meeting with representatives of ProMexico , Office Cleaning , safety and quality Mexican food ..
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