VN agricultural products are more and more prestigious

Update: 12/16/2013

Yesterday (10 /12) , Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan , Chairman of Vietnam TUMTTQ Committee had a meeting to the preliminary results of the campaign " The Vietnam ( VN ) priority for VN " in Ministry Agriculture and Rural Development .

Shortly after the announcement dated 31/7/2009 264-TB/TW some conclusions of the Politburo of the campaign organization " The priority for VN VN " , Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has developed to the level party committees , trade union organization and the units launched in response to this movement .
Thereby response after 3 years , has made a strong turnaround in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development , used primarily in public spending . Is a large, number of units and members of a large staff , the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has prioritized spending 95 % of products in Vietnam's Ministry is , not only the product is in production new VN to buy foreign goods .
The steering is an agricultural production , the biggest transformation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for the campaign " The priority for VN VN " which was passed directing the production and improve the quality of agricultural products , ensure food safety , has made a strong foothold VN 's agricultural products in our country the hearts of consumers .
Evidence is increasingly , and agricultural products such as meat , fruit and vegetables imports , especially imports more from China previously has declined markedly . Instead, people are increasingly reliable consumers of agricultural products originating in domestic production .
To be successful , some radical solutions MARD was ultimately done in recent years , such as : To accelerate the dissemination of information on agricultural products VN on mass media ; construction, promulgate standards for production and processing of agricultural , forestry and fisheries framing techniques to improve product quality and boosting test , monitoring quality and food safety all stages from production to the dinner table ...
Typical models must include agricultural products and agricultural materials supply chain model fields as large sample of rice production in the Mekong Delta ; model linking the sugar production in the province of Tuyen Quang , Thanh Hoa , Binh Dinh ... ; model the catfish , shrimp with processing the Mekong Delta , the SX model linking safety vegetables , fresh meat consumption linked to Lam Dong , Bac Giang , Son La .. .
From this practice , MARD has established the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 62/2013/QD-TTg on developing policies to encourage cooperation , SX link associated with the consumption of agricultural products .
Besides, the implementation of Decision No. 63/2010/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on policies to support post-harvest losses of farm produce in the right direction with production machinery and equipment in the country , to this picture of the use of mechanization in agricultural production has obvious changes , especially in rice harvesting and processing , with the advent of mass basis , companies specializing in mechanical engineering Production of agricultural machinery in accordance with the conditions of water production .
In trade promotion activities , every year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has assigned Agricultural Trade Promotion Center organizes thematic exhibitions such as seeds, agricultural materials , agricultural products in regions ... Thereby , has attracted the participation of consumers favor domestic companies as well as the direction of agricultural products , agricultural supplies domestic production .
At the preliminary meeting of the campaign " The priority for VN VN " at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development yesterday , Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan , Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee , Head of the Central Steering Committee for the campaign " the priority for VN VN " has asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development focuses on a number of tools to implement this campaign in the future .
Contents include : An organization is supplying goods for people to easily access and payment . For example : In addition to the quality factor prices, same quality agricultural machinery same form , but a place for the sale subject , where required to pay cash, people will naturally be purchased from sellers , so access tool purchase is very important .
Second support policies to encourage domestic production of goods VN SX high quality , low cost and supply organization for customers . Three is to assess the effectiveness of this program , see the program have an impact on consumption increase or decrease , increase or decrease how many people buy items ... At the same time , issued a set of indicators to assess effectiveness through exploration companies , exploration and consumers through various ways ...
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