Growing peppers big hit

Update: 12/18/2013

This time , farmers in Quynh Phu District - Pacific are entering the chili harvest season full of fun , is the price . The price of fresh buying by traders in fields from 40000-45000 / kg , higher than 5-6 times compared to last year .
Le Thi The, East Village Thanh An commune Hamlet ( Quynh Phu ) excited , said: " This year my family than 3 pole planting peppers , with price stability as the current will acquire approximately 40 million, average over ten million a perch .
Previous year due to the impact of the storm 8 , peppers flooding and fallen blossom end should yield loss and decreased production , prices for the top chili 30,000 / kg and fell to 8,000 VND / kg which trade driver was not buying . This year's favorable weather , productivity and increased output , stable prices , traders to take the field with a very high price to purchase 45,000 VND / kg " .
According pepper farmers , if more stable at 30,000 VND / kg, capsicum higher income than all other crops on the same land legs 
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