Planting high yield spiny bitter gourd (Gac fruit)

Update: 12/18/2013

Realizing the potential GAC plant well adapted to mountainous terrain , basalt high economic value , Nghe An Extension Center to coordinate with District Station Guizhou KN - KN 4 ha Gac trials at 9 households in the Hoa Binh ( Binh Chau ) .
Large area of ​​productive land of his family Lang Van Hoe , the hills of Peace , so he mainly cassava . Plants grow well , but due to the low selling price should not collect detailed enough , so his family as well as provide other households not interested .
When KN - KN district station deployed in the GAC model real high , his family learn and boldly registration trials . Station officials are KN - KN district dedicated guidance , details should only fertilize after 3 months , the majority of flowering plants , for high yield promising results .
An estimated area of ​​1 ha to 400 trees can be grown , original by many to harvest about 30 results , average weight from 15-20 kg . Each life originated from 15-20 years . The cost for 1 ha including rig ever made ​​, piles of wood and labor depleted 74 million, calculated by purchasing the plant is now 7,000 VND / kg , medium farmers collect about 16 million VND / ha .
Starting Service 2 , funding, public nosedived care , income can be up to 60-70 million / ha . In addition to the fruit trees planted in the GAC is used to make bread , sticky , can treat diseases ...
During project implementation , the participating farmers models are supported 100 % funding, total investment of nearly 300 million. Besides, they are provided with seeds, fertilizers , technical training intensive instruction .
After 3 months of tests taken , positive situation , many families realize the value of new varieties should be very conscious care . In addition to the mandatory union , three children also actively buy extra wires to make space for tree climbing .
Recently , unfavorable weather , more rain shield moist soil create conditions for pest development . But such diseases are stem borers , insects spread risk across the board . Thus , KN - KN station officials have recommended timely pest control service revenue to rank among forthcoming .
She Cu Thi Thanh Yen , technicians KN - KN District Station of Guizhou , said: Households participating in the program must regularly monitor , inspect , upon detecting signs of pests should promptly report , Station will provide eradicate spray immediately , to prevent heart disease outbreaks and then how to proceed.
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