Ben Tre: Tan Thuy winning onion

Update: 12/19/2013

These days, the farmers grow vegetables in Tan Shui ( Ba Tri ) has onion harvest . According to the farmers , this practice for achieving sales volume and prices .
Mr. Phan Nhut Huynh said his family has 2 of the onion crop land , harvest yields reached 1.4 tons / public . Traders buyers until onions to 25,000 VND / kg . He puts it : In this issue like price hikes . He was to take Yongzhou ( Soc Trang ) purchase price of 52,000 VND / kg , the peak increase of 62,000 VND / kg , doubled compared to 2012.
Out in 58 days , he harvested tubers sold 70 million, excluding operating costs like rent and division of labor to harvest 45 million remaining available drug . Action cultivars was 10 days , Mr. Huynh intercrop peppers . Onion harvest time , trees start bearing fruit chili , chili traders buy as opposed to 35,000 VND / kg . HH Nguyen Van Bi -down executions soon , plus the same issue encountered poor quality and erratic weather changes so 2 of harvested tubers sold only 24 million. But in return , intercropping capsicum fruit very much .
Mr. Nguyen Huu Thoai - Head of safe vegetable production of Tan Thuy , said the group has 60 members . Each household has between 2 and 5 sand dunes of land planted vegetables . The majority of households are hit by purple executions .
Only a few growers soon encounter erratic weather , harvest yields are not achieved . The onion growers were mixed peppers or tomatoes . Onion harvested about a month after the pepper plants and tomato fruit harvest . Every year , the vegetable growers in Tan Thuy were planted onion harvest earlier than other provinces to sell at a higher price . But this year is different , from the beginning of the year had 15 storms .
Many interior provinces onion planting season, the price increase should act like the onion yield reduction compared with 2012. Some households in Tan Binh village ( Tan Thuy ) onion planting , harvesting tools used in the Lunar New Year . According to Voice , onions stood at VND 20,000 / kg and chilli grower price is 10,000 with interest.
According to Trần Quốc/ Đồng Khởi news
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