Ginger erratic price fluctuations

Update: 12/19/2013

As the local strength of the ginger plant , many farmers in the town of Ba Chuc ( Triton ) still hang on the mountain under ginger cultivation industry , despite fluctuating prices .
Having over 10 years with ginger cultivation , Le Van Man ( live A clump An Hoa , Ba Chuc Town ) said : " This profession shall follow and know how to plant correctly, the life is relatively stable . I have 4 family of ginger , each about 1-2 tons of ginger I planted seeds, the purchase price is about 16,000 dong per kilo. If you take good care and timely preventive , sometimes every 6-7 tons harvested ginger .
Unless all costs , I said 50 million - 70 million a " . This year, thanks to high prices of ginger , ginger has time to 27,000 VND per kg , then keep 16,000 a kg by the end of the season . Meanwhile , last year the price of ginger dropped dramatically , to about 3000-4000 dong per kilo. Most growers are taking statements ginger next year to cover losses up to the previous year .
Do ginger diseases " soft rot " rebellious , everyone is sick piece of land that is not detected in time and prevent the spread of disease to the total area planted ginger . Is so uncertain , but he said: " Do not give up because this hereditary profession , despite the difficulties, it has become what it now " . Share experiences about growing ginger , screenshots revealed to plant ginger rotation with other crops .
If the soil is not infected , one year after planting ginger next may . And the land had been infected , have to wait 3-4 years before we plant the ginger . Livelihoods but also from ginger traders have stable income than farmers . Ms. Ha Thi Cam ( born 1966, lives diapers hamlet , An Hao Commune , Tinh Bien ) , senior purchasing ginger over 20 years , said cheerfully : " On average, each day , I purchased about 2 tons of ginger to sell to Cambodia . Unless all costs , profit per tonne me 1-2 million.
Ginger root is the dominant mountain big , beautiful colors should be preferred over plain ginger " . According to the chairman of the town People's Committee Vo Van Phuc Ba Chuc , ginger cultivation depends very much on the weather , if rain does not drain much but keep it simple ginger rot . " To limit the ginger rot , we usually recommend that people should choose to buy the same good ginger , not ill soil and crop rotation , soil should not be planted on the old ginger " .
In addition, the fluctuating price of ginger is also a major challenge for local . The search output to help farmers produce is always reassuring problems concern of many people . It has called on businesses to invest but due to no infrastructure and unfavorable terrain unattractive . " However , we are still very interested in supporting farmers by which these difficult cases . Parallel, local scientists wish to study in order to find the cure for soft rot in ginger ensure efficient production of the crop , "he said .
According to VnExpress 
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