Parsley export in Lam Dong province

Update: 12/23/2013

At one expected under the majestic peaks Langbiang ( center of Dalat city about 20 km ) is present a 3 hectare farm , producing vegetables GlobalGAP standards for export.

Ms. Pham Thi Thu Cuc is one of the first people in rural packed , Lat commune , Lac Duong district , Lam Dong province specialized planting parsley and other vegetables high level to provide foreign companies played in the city of Da Lat and supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City Metro .

Talk to us, he Klong Ha Sack ( ethnic CIL ) packed village leader said : " Both villages are mostly indigenous ethnic minorities , accounting for 89 % rate . Previously farmers mainly produced in the traditional manner , fertilizer and pesticides sprayed indiscriminately , not just cost effective . In recent years the Extension Station officials how the new guidelines , standards VietGap production , people gradually approach and apply science and technology , bringing the crop yield , the value of higher products .

In particular , the model plant for export parsley Cuc is a very new model , work efficiently , stable output " . At first he himself did not believe the village chief , what vegetables do have to cost 250,000 VND / kg , if the rice is equal to 5 kg . After direct and effective way of doing that from vegetable pattern Cuc , he has been leading the village chief to visit her children and athletes learn to follow everyone . She was previously a teacher , and had empty-handed after the acquisition of investment property , family property losses . I

n 2001, her husband decided to start gardening by renting land . At that time , the remaining capital is only enough rent a few acres of land to grow cabbage , then planted marigold flowers . With no experience , no knowledge at all about farming, she failed . Not deterred , in 2002, she left Da Lat , pack seeking new lands ( rural packed , the salad now) . With a few years to accumulate capital and borrowed more friends to buy 2.5 acres of land , planting cool , growing strawberries , but probably not succeed with her smile .

By 2008 , Cuc project participants appropriate production processes of agricultural production practices good , abbreviated VietGAP , with a total area of 4 ha , of which 1 ha agricultural land and 3 ha of land forest . Cuc said: " In the new work project , I clean vegetables and lily , learn from , attended numerous trainings care processes , standards VietGap production , increased quality of fruits significantly . Special price many times higher than traditional vegetables .

Through the years the season , winning the price , I paid close off the debt and establish the company , the company adopted the name White Chrysanthemum Flower Forest Ltd. , specializes in producing parsley and vegetables senior care in the organically , providing HCM market . " In 2010, a representative accidentally placed in the Metro HCMC to purchase vegetables and parsley , then no one in Dalat or just enter coriander seeds planted this .

Thankfully, she Buttons daughter studying in France should seek to buy some seeds for field trials . Once planted unexpected results , vegetables originating in France very suitable climate and soil in Luoyang City in particular , Da Lat general , plants grow better , taste characteristic . After 3 years , the study has collected seeds, growing medium , so far in her garden about 20 kinds Buttons Europe coriander seed as : Rosemary , Thanme , Masjosan , Chervil , Chocolatewint , Pepperwint , Savory ... Cuc said: " Cilantro is the spice trees , just to decorate the dish more appealing as it helps the food of foreigners becomes more delicious .

Currently vegetables become commodity exports , so a huge consumer market , not produce enough vegetables to provide foreign companies and supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Lat . Metro has signed a contract and sale of products with fixed prices from 50000-250000 / kg , depending on the type of vegetable . Every day farm sells about 40-60 kg coriander types , collected from 4-5 million.

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