Vietnam - Korean cooperation vegetable production

Update: 12/30/2014

Minh Phuc 
Workshop on "Building demonstration vegetable production " was conducted in 2013 with the inauguration of Vegetable Center Cooperation Vietnam - South Korea over the weekend at the Institute of Food Plants - Plant food , has opened a new prospects for the development of international vegetable production in our country .
GS Lee , Dong Jin - Project Director for international cooperation in the production of vegetables and Vietnam - South Korea , said the project was carried out under the cooperation between the Association of Korean Rural Communities ( KRC ) with the Institute Vietnam Agricultural Science ( VAAS ) and the member units ; geographical deployment of two provinces of Hai Duong and Hoa Binh . The goal of the project is to transfer advanced manufacturing techniques , increase farmers' income and strengthen cooperation in agriculture between the two countries .
Commenting on the significance of the project , said Nguyen Van Bo , director of VASS , said : The establishment of a center for vegetables Cooperation between Vietnam and South Korea is a testament to the close links between research education , training and trade - markets of the two countries . In it , a team of scientists at the Vietnam Agricultural learn more from the experts South Korea .
By testing and evaluation of technical advances , especially vegetable varieties produced food safety standards of South Korea in Vietnam climatic conditions , the seed supply business , commercial enterprise products will cooperate with the local expansion of production , consumption of large-scale products , opening up the possibility of exporting vegetables and fruits from Vietnam to South Korea .
2013 , the member unit project has piloted the same models producing vegetables and fruits at the Institute CLC - CTP includes cabbage , kohlrabi , peppers , scallions and potatoes . Based on this, the project has built demonstration vegetable production areas in Gia Xuyen commune , Nam Tan , Le Loi ( Hai Duong ) and Yen Lac ( Peace ) with 29 households participating .
Mr. Nguyen Van Tu , director of DARD Peace , said: Hoa Binh is a mountainous province adjacent to Hanoi . With a large land area , the province has a lot of favorable conditions to grow vegetables . The project is a good opportunity for farmers Peace access to modern farming techniques and professional .
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