Quang Ngai:the highest sugar cane yield ever

Update: 12/31/2014

As reported by NM Pho Phong, the raw cane Binh Son district (Quang Ngai) with a planned area of ​​1,766 ha. Sugarcane area annual stand from 700-720 ha.
Sugarcane crop 2012 - 2013 average yield 64.43 t / ha, production reached 45 879 tonnes. This is the highest cane yield ever. Productivity rose 12.43 tonnes / ha, from 52 tons / ha to 64.43 t / ha average quality sugarcane 9.94 for CCS.
Plan 2013-2014 crop year, the district planted 636 ha, yield 59.52 t / ha and a yield of 37 854 tonnes. Price of sugarcane in the field is determined by 60 kg sugar / ton of sugarcane (10 CCS) under sugar price at warehouse NM moment after deducting 5% tax.
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