Pomelo prices fot Tet holidays get high

Update: 8/1/2014

Currently, Nam Roi pomelo farmers to sell in the busy New Year is the peak time , hoping for a bumper crop of eggs .
Grapefruit focus this year is grown mostly in the Tan Phu , Phu Huu and towns prostitution ( Chau Thanh district - Hau Giang Province ) . Mr. Dang Van Doan , in Phu Dong village , town prostitution , Chau Thanh District 3 of grapefruit festival said family will harvest grapefruit on the 15th lunar new year , now traders to take buy garden garden , with 18,000 -18 500 VND / kg , an increase of 2,000 -3 000 VND / kg compared to last year , while sales expressed grapefruit Tet 30,000 VND / kg . After deducting all the costs approximately 140 families on estimated rates million.
Mr. Nguyen Van Truong , Deputy Agriculture and Rural Development , Chau Thanh district - Hau Giang , said : The district planted about 1,600 hectares to serve the market , but this year due to extreme weather and should appear borer yield decrease , causing higher prices could reach the festival in those days .
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