Near Tet Holidays, coconut raw material prices increases

Update: 10/1/2014

In the Mekong Delta, the price of raw coconut access the Lunar New Year which this year has touched, even beyond the record price at the end of 2011.
Accordingly, dried coconut, beautiful model type, at the present time, traders can buy up to 130,000 VND / dozen (12 left), increased 10000-15000 copper / decade over the past two months.
Copra prices continually rising raw material is collected by active dry coconut exports throughout the past year, especially on the occasion of Tet Giap Ngo, power consumption is used to make coconut candy, jam and rose sharply contributed to a decline in coconut production in the locality.
Copra prices of raw materials for industry, export of fruit ... is predicted to continue at high levels until after Tet Giap Ngo.
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