High price dragon fruit

Update: 1/14/2014

Peak levels are high , but not at the plant dragon in the Mekong River Delta ( MRD ) was thinking about dropping the price .
Purchase price of dragon fruit ( white flesh ) is up 5000-10000 VND / kg in the last one month . Currently, price 25000-27000 / kg , higher than the previous three days from 4000-5000 VND / kg , is believed to be too tempting for growers . Mr. Truong Van Sang , Double Bridge hamlet , An Luc Long commune ( Chau Thanh district , Long An province ) began experimenting with dragon grow about 0.1 to 0.2 hectares of land .
Previously , growers to plant dragon fruit naturally , each year a harvest season left , but now , with light steam stimulation techniques flowering , growers can harvest fruit in three tranches . According morning , if the selling price at 10,000 VND / kg , a well-cultivated gardens can be obtained profits equivalent to 50% of revenue . Because the profit is so compelling , he has developed more morning acreage dragon to 1.8 ha .
Farmer Nguyen Van Sau Tinh An American in society , Cho Gao district , Tien Giang province 1ha planted dragon , in 2013 reached a turnover of more than half a billion. And as Mr. Truong Van Tan ( the U.S. An incubation B ) , with 0.5 ha of dragon , last year , thanks to the price hike last year , he also earned about 150 million.
However, while the white flesh dragon is " to taste " the red flesh dragon must pity , because , within a month , the price has dropped 15000-20000 VND / kg . Fortunately, the area planted to red flesh dragon fruit at the local show negligible . However, this mixed is still seen as an early warning for the dragon fruit growing trend of rushing dragon fruit growing area . In the past , many other agricultural products was also "to life " , but then immediately zombie as production increases that output is constrained .
Mekong Delta dragon fruit growing area of most concentrated in the provinces of Tien Giang , Long An . Economic effect on this crop acreage caused any increase continuously . In 2010, Long An province , only about 1,000 hectares of land planted dragon , but so far , dragon area in Long An province on 2.700ha level . In Tien Giang , dragon fruit growing area in Cho Gao district currently estimated 3.500ha , exceeding about 15% of the district planning plant . An Tinh commune In America , dragon fruit planting area accounts for nearly 50 % of agricultural land in the village and the development of additional acreage dragon has yet to effectively stop the cultivation of fruit tree still many times with rice .
Mr. Nguyen Van Anh , communal agricultural experts Feeding America , said: " It stagnant dragon , lower prices , humid ... is unavoidable in the future ." Dr. Hoang Quoc Tuan , director of agricultural planning center ( campus planning and design of agricultural Nam ) said that fruit production is spread the wisest way . However, according to Dr. Vo Mai , deputy chairman of the Vietnam Gardening , spread the new is just one of the measures to avoid the season , falling prices , more important is the dominant variable spread the fruits in the region Southwest of the strength in the supply chain . Meanwhile , Dr. Nguyen Minh Chau , Director of the Research Institute of Southern fruit left wondering : " Fruit Exporters depend on China market is about 54 % while the market is always precarious ! "
Ngọc Tùng/ Báo SGTT
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