Abnormal weather makes watermelon yields decreased in Ca Mau

Update: 1/15/2014

Due to the cold weather just in case watermelon festival , so this year's watermelon production of Ca Mau provinces expected to be around 75 % compared to last year .
Popular varieties are sun so when the weather gets cold , the hit rate and the results of the development process watermelon was affected little left to give .
Mr. Nguyen Hanh Phuc , deputy chairman of the commune People 's Committee Ly Van Lam ( Ca Mau city ) said Ly Van Lam Commune is a tradition and experience in providing Tet watermelon with the second largest area in the province ( 52 ha ) . But this year has been unusually bad weather makes watermelon yields fell more than 25 % . Unusually cold weather also makes local government " confusion " in the technical support people to provide direction to overcome .
Mr. Huynh Van Nghi Son Bao farmers in the village , Ly Van Lam Commune , said last year he planted 0.3 hectares of watermelon, the fruit around 3000-4000 , after deduction of expenses must remain 30 million. Watermelon season this year , he expects production was only 80 % compared with the previous year . " By this time the price is not known how , because no traders buy , but it certainly will not achieve as last year " - he worries Decree .
Currently, Ca Mau market price of watermelon ranged from 22,000 VND to 25,000 VND / traditional watermelons , about 10,000 VND / kg for the floaters melons or watermelons seedless . / .
Huynh Anh / VNA
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