Lotus tuber profitable

Update: 1/17/2014

Over the years , in addition to intensive rice production , farmers in some low-lying areas of Thuan Hoa commune , Chau Thanh district , Soc Trang province have more high income from farming lotus tuber .
Since the plant only small , they knew interconnected cooperative model to support both production and consumption has good products ... Last year was also the time of agricultural cooperatives ( cooperatives ) in the village of Tra Tan Canh Dat A2 , Thuan Hoa commune scurrying for shipment lotus tubers put in Ho Chi Minh City .
We have come to the right at the time of shipment operatives had been purchased from the cooperative members carry on . Hourly rainfall is heavy tubers 20 healthy male labor burden from boat to shore and then classify each size , for large plastic baskets on each ... According to Mr. Van Tan Dat , Director of HTX tonnes , before you go selling agricultural products to earn a living and cultivating the farm land 5 . Many years of work hard , accumulate 27ha farm he bought .
Land area where a lot but some low-lying , so inefficiency rice he planted 10ha invested lotus tuber . Unexpectedly, lotus roots not only good but also for the development of the annual profits of over 1.2 billion . In addition, he also provides same for her baby shower in and outside the province . With lotus model of effective family Dat , his local campaigning and other Lotus 7 growers cooperative founded in 2012 .
Thanks to the reputation and experience of the lotus plant , agricultural products business , he Reached be elected as directors . Currently, the cooperative has 30 hectares planted rice fields turned to Lotus Root and all supporting cooperative breeding , planting instructions and product consumption . Only 1 year of operation , but many members and participating households had planted lotus wealthier life than before , and cooperative activities have stabilized .
Dat said : " Growing lotus tuber harvest only extreme , but it is very convenient for consumption . Consider instead that this model also solves many rural workers that much " ! He put us on his visit lotus fields located in the village of Tra Vo Canh Baby B. Post a comment below fertilize fields sen , his only year in front of a lotus pond , cheerfully shared : " With 9 of lotus land , interest for me over the past 70 million. And if the next 2 seasons sen make well over 200 million. Planting bulbs is very light shower of care , just till thoroughly before sowing , adequate fertilizer supply , maintenance spray will help lotus leaf to root , high productivity .
This is crops should effectively next time , I will expand the area further lotus " . Vast , beautiful and impressive not to mention his 11ha farm wide shower Germany Benefits From Tea Soup on haciendas A1 . Overlooking vast plains lotus , green floral , alternating the white flowers , fragrance faint spirit who do well are relaxed . Mr Loi sentiments : " I planted this year but Lotus had 2 trials only .
Unbelievably lotus tree for very high profits , only 2 cong/3vu/nam I rate about 30 million. By 2013 , I decided to move entire 11 hectares of land to grow rice terrace. 2.5 months after sowing , harvesting my first 550 million profit on continued service and also promises to be a bumper crop prices . " Director of HTX Van Dat Tan adds : " Growing lotus tuber as a model plant to convert low-lying areas suitable for rice cultivation is not effective . Lotus simple technique , low investment , but first the stable . Coming , cooperatives will mobilize farmers to transfer land lotus deep valley to help them increase the family income . "
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