Growing cauliflower for Tet

Update: 1/22/2014

The winter this year many farmers Loc Binh district ( Lang Son ) expand the area planted cauliflower served Tet .
Ms. Hoang Thi Tan village rose and ribbon- happy society , said: " I planted from 2012 , the year that should effectively planted 1,500 trees / perches . Due to favorable weather and the plants grow well for the holiday harvested . With rates from 5000-7000 dong / cotton , after deducting expenses Interest income 7 million VND / sao . So there is both a festival and decent . "
According to her , cauliflower plants are vulnerable to pests and diseases , when it rains cotton will rot . So to spray under the guidance of agricultural extension workers , spray time from flowering time of about 20 days .
Growing cauliflower after about 2-3 months to harvest . It did not take much care of , capital investment ... This is significant profits for farmers Tet occasion . But not to the point of harvest, but most garden cauliflower are in Loc Binh traders to bid.
According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Loc Binh district , that was not accurate statistics cauliflower acreage in the district , but the society has from 10-20 growers from 1-2 nests . Cauliflower is becoming the staple crop of winter .
Hoang Van Huong / Vietnam Agriculture newspaper
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