Hau Giang is dual grapefruit season

Update: 1/23/2014

These days, the garden in Hau Giang Province eager to harvest green skin pomelo sales market Giap Ngo Lunar New Year 2014 with a bumper crop of fun, hit rates, attract customers to the Tet.
With farm gate price of 34,000 VND / kg, an increase of 6,000 from the previous month and dd have tended to rise in the days before Tet, after deducting expenses, the remaining farmers than 500 million VND / ha.
Mr. Tran Van Hai , Long Binh Commune , Long My district , Hau Giang province is considered the first green skin pomelo in this province . Thanks to know how to apply the techniques to produce original 200 , only with green skin pomelo growing in an area of 0.4 ha for results from 2012 , brought his family profit of about 200 million / year . To have a good green pomelo orchard as now, his two spent much time taking care of right from planting to harvesting fruit .
As many gardeners in Hau Giang , recent market taste this fruit popular in the New Year presents . Catching needs , explore the garden , learn techniques to choose the right time for Tet results . The selection of fruit growers discretion , not only help growers master techniques , but also to enhance the value , help stabilize output , increase profits for growers .
Mr. Tran Minh Quang , Head of Infrastructure Economics Long My district , said this year's festival grapefruit Department yield more than 21 tons / ha , is one of the grapefruit for the highest yield ever . Production this year was fairly good grapefruit growers applied by wrapping measures ( fruit ) and fruit borer situation appears less well than usual.
Mr. Nguyen Van Dong , director of Hau Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development , said : pomelo is 1 in 10 key categories seedlings were selected for the local development planning in the future . In the immediate future , will replace grapefruit and gardens covering an area of less efficient production , help farmers stabilize production contributes to improved household economy , poverty alleviation local .
According to the plan , from now to 2015 , the province expanded pomelo area from 2000-2500 ha , with yields estimated at around 25,000 tonnes / ha . With soil conditions , a mild climate , prices stable output current , grapefruit tree will become the alleviation of poverty in Hau Giang in the future .
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